What is Clicks Per Second Test or CPS Test?

A clicks per second (CPS) test measures how many times you can click a mouse button in one second. The clicks per second (CPS) test is used to measure the number of times a person can click the mouse button in one second. This test can help to determine how good or durable a mouse button is and how comfortable it is to use. You can test your mouse or your clicking speed on the below click area. Once you click on the start, count down will begin for you and it will stop after only once it reaches 20 seconds.

How to calculate Clicks Per Second or CPS?

Clicks Per second is calculated by diving the number of clicks made in a specific time like 5 seconds or 10 seconds. Let’s say you want to calculate CPS for 10 seconds, you have to divide the total number of Clicks divided by 10. So if you made 85 clicks in 10 seconds, your Clicks Per second would be 8.5.

You can calculate your Clicks Per second by playing the Click Speed Test game on this page by clicking on the start button and making as many clicks as you can and this app will automatically give you your CPS Test result. The above app is also known as CPS Clicker simply CPS Counter.

What is the Click Speed Test?

Click Speed Test is a metric to test how fast you can click in the shortest time interval. It is used to check how fast you are with your mouse and how good is your mouse.

What is CPS Counter?

CPS Counter is nothing but Clicks Per second tool to test the number of clicks in a specific time frame. It is a short form of Clicks Per Second Test.

What are the features of ClicksPerSecondTest.com?

This website has four major features. There is a clicking area that can be used to hitting mouse clicks and it is pretty wide so you can click as many times as you can. Above this Clicking area, there are three other features named Timer, Score, and Clicks/s.

The timer calculates the seconds once you start the game, and it will stop once it reaches 20 seconds.

The score begins to count the number of clicks once you start the game and it will stop immediately once the timer stops at 20 seconds.

Clicks/s is a calculator that calculates the Clicks Per Second as soon as you start clicking. It will show the final number as well once the timer stops.

What are other time variations of Clicks Speed Tester?

There are many more variations in Clicks Speed Tester or CPS Tester but some of the main variations are given below.

Clicks Per Second Test - FAQs

These are some of the frequently asked question most of the people ask. So check them out.

How many clicks per second is fast?

It really depends on the person. Everyone has different criteria or different CPS numbers in mind.

How do you calculate Clicks Per Second?

Clicks Per Second are calculated once you start clicking on the click area. Once a click is registered, it takes into account the total number of clicks and divides them by total seconds.

What is the world record for most clicks in 10 seconds?

Ben Hughes clicked his mouse 121 times in 10 seconds, a new world record. He set the record on June 22, 2009, in Great Manchester, England. Michelle Hughes was present as a witness. He used the World Mouse Clicking Championship site to set the record.

What is the fastest Clicks Per second?

The World record for the most clicks per second is 14 clicks. It is the fastest CPS known on the internet. There might be a better one than this but we don’t know if it exists.

How fast can the average person click?

An average person can get 6-7 clicks per second easily and it can go up to 9 or 10 clicks if you try harder.

What is Butterfly Clicking?

Actually, butterfly clicking is a way to click the mouse button with two fingers to register or get maximum clicks in the shortest period of time. Butterfly clicking is harmful to your body and it can hurt your finger, arm, wrist, or other muscles.

What is Jitter Clicking?

Jitter Clicking is a way of clicking your mouse with one of your fingers, usually the index finger. It is not recommended as it can hurt your finger so you should not be doing it for a longer period of time.

What is CPS in Minecraft?

A CPS test in Minecraft is a way to test how fast a player can click within the game as clicking speed directly correlates to the PvP performance of a Minecraft player, which is critical for success in the game when you are playing PvP servers.

Is Clicks per second an important metric to calculate?

It depends on the person if he wants to calculate or not. Although it gives you an idea of how fast you are at clicking.

How to Click Faster?

The best way to click faster is by practicing. The more you click, the faster you will get. In the beginning, it would be harder to aim when clicking fast but eventually you will get used to it and will aim perfectly and will click faster at the same time.

What is a decent CPS?

In my honest opinion, 3-5 clicks per second is a pretty decent score. You can click much faster but this is how fast an average person can click.

What is drag Click?

It is nothing but a trick to try to register multiple clicks while dragging your finger on the mouse button when it is pressed.

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